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Upcoming Events


Join us February 6th for a Community Conversation surrounding confidence and healthy relationships. These are two topics that continually surface from our Community and we want to hear from you. This is a conversation driven by those who attend and moderated by The NOW. We want to hear your advice, success, struggles in these areas and learn from each other. Everyone will have an opportunity to share, should they choose. We are excited to have a bit more of a free flowing conversation and networking evening.


Join us March 9th for our First Annual Women's Summit. This morning will not disappoint. The agenda consists of inspiring speakers, relaxing experiences, opportunities to meet other kick ass women, delicious food and drink and great music. What else does one need?

Second Annual Morning hike and mountain top meditation

Join us May 11th as we high tail it out of NYC to enjoy some gorgeous country trails. This hike is family friendly and appropriate for all ages (kids welcomed and encouraged). Upon reaching the summit, Barb will will lead us in a guided mountain top meditation to top it off! Easy access from Metro North and possible carpooling opportunities from the City as well.