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Upcoming Events

Women’s Returning to the workplace workshop

Are you considering returning to the workforce and need a bit of guidance, support and help getting there? Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for eight months or eight years the thought of re-entering may be extremely daunting. The NoW’s Returning to the Workforce Workshop on October 25th is designed to make it much less intimidating and much more attainable. The day consists of bringing together an intimate group of women in a welcoming, judgement free and warm space to explore, connect and learn the necessary tools to return to the workforce.


Are you interested in making a career change but aren’t certain of the direction you want to head? Or are you looking to re-enter the workforce but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you are looking to pivot in your career or re-enter the workforce (or are somewhere in between) we are here to help. On September 18th, Amie Blumberg, a career coach, will lead us in an interactive conversation surrounding where you are and where you want to be.

Creating in the mess: Working through pain to cultivate a more meaningful life

Join us for a conversation with Brittany Piper, a woman who believes that when met with empathy, our pain can be transformed into our greatest purpose. Pain is universal, yet we have a choice—to allow our pain to make us bitter, or make us better. Brittany uses raw and relatable stories, compelling research, and actionable advice to motivate and empower individuals to create in the mess—providing them with the tools and inspiration to cultivate more meaningful relationships, communities, businesses, and lives.