When Meditation Isn't Enough: Transcending Burnout Beyond the Cushion

May 2

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Ample research suggests how important meditation is for living a balance life, but what happens when it's not enough to keep you from burning out? In this workshop we'll discuss the primary factors that drive burnout, explore how mind-body practices can support revival and provide tangible steps for re-igniting your fire and living a happy and successful life.

About dana:

Dana Campbell, CPC -ACC, is on a mission to irradiate corporate burnout by helping the workplace embrace human brilliance.  As the founder and CEO of Optimize Corp, a culture consulting and coaching firm, she partners with organizations to design conscious cultures that amplify resilience and agility. Her signature coaching program, “On Her Terms,” helps female leaders transcend burnout to build meaningful and fulfilling careers. Her unique approach to preventing and overcoming burnout stems from more than a decade in cultural transformation consulting and more than twenty years studying, practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness. She is a faculty member at Kriplau and regular contributor for Huffington Post. Learn more at optimizecorps.com.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Private residence in Manhattan—address provided after sign up

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