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october 25

Are you considering a career move and need a bit of guidance, support and help getting there? Whether your pivoting in your career, returning from a career sabbatical or heading down a whole new path altogether this workshop is designed to make that transition much less intimidating and much more attainable. The day consists of bringing together an intimate group of women in a welcoming, judgement free and warm space to explore, connect and learn the necessary tools to launch their search and find that job that is best for them


Fall Rooftop Soiree — a time to celebrate you

November 6

Join us at Mynd, one of our favorite spa rooftops, for an evening of connection and self care. Mynd, formally known as the Red Door Salon & Spa, is our number one destination for pampering and relaxation. Their rooftop is a perfect sanctuary for us to gather, toast one another, create meaningful connections and experience some of Mynd’s products and services. We are excited to celebrate all the wonderful women of The NoW and toast to Mynd’s new legacy of luxury & self-care undefined.


Awaken Joy: Unlock True Happiness Within

December 4

Are you on an endless search to feel truly happy? Do find yourself feeling like if you do _______ then you will be happy?

Join us as Elizabeth Tripp, Life Activator and Light Worker, takes us on an exciting journey to awaken joy and unlock true happiness deep within. In a compassionate and safe space, we will spend the evening co-creating with the Universe as we stretch our understanding of happiness and explore more deeply what it means to be truly happy. With Elizabeth as our guide, we will see what limits us from feeling joyful and content in our life right now. During this gathering, you will experience firsthand an innovative and easy approach aimed to help you begin to let go of what is holding you back from feeling truly joyful today.


Makeup Made Easy — Looking Your Best From the Boardroom to the BallRoom in less than 15 Minutes!

December 12

If you’re like most professional women getting ready in the morning generally consists of a shower, a smoothie and smudge of lipstick. What if we could show you exactly what to do for glowing skin every day with just a few products and 15 minutes? Join us on December 12th as Celebrity NBC Makeup Artist Sue Perez provides a live demonstration showing us exactly how to take our look from the boardroom to the ballroom (or maybe just to dinner in Tribeca). Sue wants all women to look and feel their best spending the minimum amount of time possible. Everyone will certainly walk away from this event with some serious insider scoop.

Previous Events

From Self-Doubt to Confidence—Creating Conscious Confident Women

Confidence is more than throwing your shoulders back and holding your head high. It’s having the ability to hold your body with ease, to speak with clarity and, most importantly, projecting an energy of calm strength. Because as soon as you walk in a room, your energy speaks for you.

Pam Reece will teach The NOW community tools to access these qualities through a one-of-a-kind program that blend yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness and psychology.


Morning Hike and Mountain Top Meditation Led By Barbara Evans

Let’s get out of NYC and enjoy a refreshing and gorgeous hike at Rockefeller Preserve in Tarryton. This 6-mile round trip hike will take roughly 3 hours and is appropriate for all ages and abilities (kids welcome!). Upon reaching the summit we will enjoy a guided mountain top meditation to top it off! Easy access from Metro North and possible carpooling opportunities from the City as well.


When Meditation Isn't Enough: Transcending Burnout Beyond the Cushion

Ample research suggests how important meditation is for living a balance life, but what happens when it's not enough to keep you from burning out? In this workshop we'll discuss the primary factors that drive burnout, explore how mind-body practices can support revival and provide tangible steps for re-igniting your fire and living a happy and successful life.


A Morning of Giving Back with Achilles International

No better way to start your Saturday than spending it with Achilles. Achilles is a non profit that supports disabled athletes by pairing them with able-bodied athletes to compete in mainstream sports. This Saturday morning workout has something for everyone.


Evening Backyard Yoga and Meditation - Led by Angela Kilcullen

After a long day come enjoy a peaceful backyard yoga class where you will forget that you are in the middle of New York City. Led by the talented and beautiful Angela Kilcullen you will leave this experience feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Light refreshments will be served post class with the opportunity to mingle with fellow members.


The Healing Powers of Essential Oils and How They Can Transform Your Life!

During this class Julie Botton will empower The NOW Community to take charge of our health and happiness in a proactive way through the use of essential oils. You will leave this class with knowledgeable about essential oils, how to integrate them in everyday use and the positive impact it will have on you.


Empowering Women to be Successful and Effective Networkers!

The very thought of the word networking makes many women uneasy. What if you had the magic code to navigate those networking events and could walk away with meaningful connections and referrals that could benefit you personally and professionally? Would you think twice about attending? Sarah will provide you the tools and resources to walk into that room with confidence and build meaningful relationships and connections. Don’t continue to waste your time attending networking events that aren’t yielding anything. By implementing small changes you will see a huge difference that will have a big impact on your life. It isn’t as hard as you think!


Networking, Part II: Finding and Effectively communicating Your 'ASK"

Do you have the feeling that you are supposed to be able to handle everything life throws at you all by yourself? The truth is, the most successful people didn’t get to where they are all by themselves. They had help. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to surround yourself with like-minded people who want to help you reach your goals. 


WHY YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY MATTERS. 7 Powerful Mantras that will change the way you view money.

Money. A topic that we don’t talk enough about, especially as women. We all have different relationships with money and certainly lots of questions that rarely get asked. It can be scary, intimidating and paralyzing....we are right there with you.

Enter Shang Saavedra. Shang is passionate about helping women live fulfilling lives, free of money problems. Shang will help us understand how our relationship with money was formed and how to make it better--which many of us desperately need. She will take us through actionable and manageable steps that can vastly improve our financial health. This is not your typical finance talk and this is an event not to be missed!


10 ways to instantly elevate your style!

I have nothing to wear!
Does this look okay?
Shopping stresses me out!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Join the club. Many of us only wear 30% of what’s in our closet, due to making faulty style decisions that aren’t based on lifestyle, body type, or our personality. Your personal image and style says a lot about you, before you even open your mouth. In this fun and interactive workshop Aliya Thomas, of Elevated Style by Aliya, will up our style game by providing us with 10 ways to instantly elevate our style!


What being a female entrepreneur is really like. The Do's and Don'ts of entrepreneurship.

Have you dreamed of launching your own business but aren't sure where to start? Are you looking to take your business to new heights and need some advice on how to get there?Are you looking to grow your social media presence in an effort to drive business but haven't a clue where to start?

Trailblazers we hear you! Join us for a panel discussion with a group of  fierce kick ass women who will provide us with the motivational and practical advice to launch and catapult your business. This panel of successful entrepreneurs will share their challenges and setbacks as they launched their own businesses and how they overcame and thrived in their respective fields. Grab a glass of wine along with your notebook and pen and get ready to take some serious notes. This is an event not to be missed.   


family afro-flow yoga

Experience joy and elation through movement and sound. As seen in O Magazine and the NY Times, Afro Flow Yoga® infuses electrifying dance movements of the African Diaspora flowing with a meditative yoga sequence of gentle yet powerful stretches. In this special class, families will deeply connect with the soulful rhythms of live drums, energize their bodies, gain strength and flexibility and rejoice in the bliss of feeling renewed, grounded and peaceful! Open to all ages and levels of yoga and dance. 

Daisy Dowling.jpg

top 10 Techniques to help working moms feel successful and satisfied

Are you struggling to be both a successful professional and successful mother? Are you killing it (or at the very least getting by) at work but feel like a total failure at home? So many of us can relate. We all feel it and strive to strike some sort of balance both at home and at work.  Daisy Dowling, the Harvard Business Review’s working-parent columnist, will share her top pieces of advice for working mothers on how to achieve success and satisfaction, both at home and at work. Participants will walk away with practical techniques that work. Get ready to implement Daisy's techniques immediately and find the results you are seeking! This is an event NO working mom should miss. 

Cindy Web picture.jpg

getTing Fiscally Fit for 2019 — FIVE Ways to Jump Start your Fiscal Fitness

A new year often brings reflection of the past and goals for the future. We all want to “get in shape” physically, emotionally and financially. The question is where to start and how to move forward. Cindy Sterling, President and Founder of Sterling Financial Planning, will share five things you can do to “jump start” your fiscal fitness and build a financial road map for 2019. We will “plan the work” and then you can “work the plan.” 

IMG_8282 (1).jpg


Join us February 6th for a Community Conversation surrounding confidence and healthy relationships. These are two topics that continually surface from our Community and we want to hear from you. This is a conversation driven by those who attend and moderated by The NOW. We want to hear your advice, success, struggles in these areas and learn from each other. Everyone will have an opportunity to share, should they choose. We are excited to have a bit more of a free flowing conversation and networking evening. 



Join us March 9th for our First Annual Women's Summit. This morning will not disappoint. The agenda consists of inspiring speakers, relaxing experiences, opportunities to meet other kick ass women, delicious food and drink and great music. What else does one need?

Headshot 4000x2667.jpg

Leaving Corporate Life Behind To Design Your Own Professional Destiny

Are you in a job that provides zero fulfillment or purpose but aren't sure what to do about it? Do you have a side hustle that you desperately want to be your full time career but are unsure how or when to take that leap?  Do you feel you've never truly found your 'calling' and need help identifying what will bring you happiness? In this workshop, Jenny Maenpaa, will address all these questions and more. She will help us identify and launch our careers on our terms. 


Morning Hike and Mountain Top Meditation Led By Barbara Evans

Join us as we high tail it out of NYC to enjoy some gorgeous country trails. This hike is family friendly and appropriate for all ages (kids welcomed and encouraged). Upon reaching the summit, Barb will will lead us in a guided mountain top meditation to top it off! Easy access from Metro North and possible carpooling opportunities from the City as well. We will enjoy a little mountain top snack as well.



Join us as we welcome speaker Kait Scalisi to The Network of Women. Kait is a a sex educator, speaker, and writer with a deep love for sex toys, asking for and getting what you want, and finding freedom in pleasure. Most of us want a better sex life but aren’t taking the steps to make that happen. Fortunately, Kait is here to help us! Kait will teach us the importance of using our own experiences to create a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life. This is most certainly an event NOT to be missed. We are thrilled to welcome Kait and excited to learn from her. She brings a lot of important knowledge to the table.



Come join us as we discuss all things food, diet, and metabolism. In today’s culture we frequently have new fad diets, exercises, supplements... it can be overwhelming to say the least. Finding the right ‘diet’ is frustrating. Fighting our own appetite is even more frustrating. During “Make your food work for you” we will discuss strategies to help you feel more empowered to navigate this ever changing terrain of health and wellness. You’ll learn more about the simple science of how our bodies process food and calories, as well as having a better understanding of the mind body connection.


Design Your Life®, an Interactive Workshop

Are you ready, personally or professionally, to take on something really important this year—YOU? Join Handel Group® Head coach Laurie Gerber for an insightful, thought-provoking workshop, Design Your Life®. Whether you want to take on your career, love life, health, family (yes, even yours) and/or bank account, Laurie will help you wake up to your dreams and get into the right actions to realize them. You will leave this workshop with a new perspective, attainable goals, and an inspired personal plan for your future.

Taking Your Career to New Heights — Creating a Career Success Plan

Are you interested in making a career change but aren’t certain of the direction you want to head? Or are you looking to re-enter the workforce but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you are looking to pivot in your career or re-enter the workforce (or are somewhere in between) we are here to help. Amie Blumberg, a career coach, will lead us in an interactive conversation surrounding where you are and where you want to be. She will help you construct an easily executable Success Plan to build the momentum you are longing for.