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Upcoming Events

Mind+Body strategies to optimize metabolism and create a nourishing relationship with food.

Come join us July 10th as we discuss all things food, diet, and metabolism. During “Make your food work for you” we will discuss strategies to help you feel more empowered to navigate this ever changing terrain of health and wellness. You’ll learn more about the simple science of how our bodies process food and calories, as well as having a better understanding of the mind body connection.


Are you interested in making a career change but aren’t certain of the direction you want to head? Or are you looking to re-enter the workforce but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you are looking to pivot in your career or re-enter the workforce (or are somewhere in between) we are here to help. On September 18th, Amie Blumberg, a career coach, will lead us in an interactive conversation surrounding where you are and where you want to be.

Design Your Life, an Interactive Workshop

Are you ready, personally or professionally, to take on something really important this year—YOU? Join Handel Group® Head coach Laurie Gerber for an insightful, thought-provoking workshop, Design Your Life on August 7th. Whether you want to take on your career, love life, health, family (yes, even yours) and/or bank account, Laurie will help you wake up to your dreams and get into the right actions to realize them. You will leave this workshop with a new perspective, attainable goals, and an inspired personal plan for your future.